Macon woman suffers a brain injury after an unexpected ski jump

In an earlier post, we discussed how a brain injury can seriously impact the lives of the victim and the victim’s loved ones. For the brain injury victim, there are physical and mental consequences such as paralysis or loss of memory. If the brain injury is serious, the victim may become unable to take care of themselves and their loved ones will become their caregivers.
A college student from Macon, Georgia, sustained a serious brain injury while on a ski vacation with friends in January of this year. The group had been out skiing; the college student, a young woman, hit a jump that she was unaware of and flew nearly 25 feet into the air. Witnesses say that she landed on her head.
She was taken to a hospital nearby where doctors reported that she had cracked her skull. The ski accident also caused internal bleeding around her brain. When she was initially hospitalized, hospital staff put her on a respirator to help her breathe.
In addition to the injuries already listed, the young woman’s frontal lobe of her brain was bruised as well. As a result, her memory was impacted and she remembers very little from when she hit the ski jump until four days later, when she was in a hospital in Atlanta.
Despite being placed in intensive care, the young woman has been recovering quickly and just yesterday returned to Atlanta after being home to undergo several more weeks of therapy. The article does not say what sort of therapy.
The recovery process for a brain injury victim can be a long and difficult process, but a Michigan brain injury attorney can help. Often the injury can cause life-altering damage, rendering a victim a completely different person than he or she had been before the accident.

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