Medical Bills Incurred Years After Spinal Cord Injuries

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center is a group that collects data from across the country about traumatic brain and truck accident spinal cord injuries. According to the group’s data, approximately 12,000 spinal cord injuries are reported every year from the Jersey Shore all the way to the California coast and everywhere in between.

While not all reported spinal cord injuries are caused as a result of a truck accident, it is a common and very painful injury. The force that even a slower-moving truck carries with it is enough to crush the fragile spinal column. If you have ever heard a victim share their story as they sit in their wheelchair or lean on a crutch, the changes to their lives make a multi-million dollar verdict seem deserving without even factoring in the actual medical costs. But how high do those expenses really go?

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, in the first year after the injury it can cost a victim anywhere from $321,000 to $985,000 — according to the 2010 data analysis.

Treatment certainly does not end there. Much of the first year is spent in the attempt to repair the damage, but the individual must also undergo rehabilitative programs. Into the future, these victims often continue to suffer complications that require attention. By the time it is all said and done, a victim 25 years old or above could spend in the ballpark of $1.4 to $4.3 million. Most New Jersey residents can’t afford those costs on their own — even ones with an insurance plan.


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