Theft and Kidnapping Defense

Our attorney has managed an extensive range of theft situations regarding defendants charged of folks, jewelry outlets, other retail businesses and robbing banks. Through extreme rep both before and during our attorney has obtained good effects over time in these cases.

Kidnapping charges are typically pursued by prosecutors to boost likely penalties in theft cases. Our federal defense attorney has continually beaten the kidnapping charges in these concerns often before or during trial. In protecting against other fee enhancements for example group and weapon claims he has also had success.


Robbery is definitely an act of theft that entails the danger or use of abuse. Theft demands the taking of home while in the existence of the prey. Different facets of the crime are the alleged robber getting genuine person of the home, also it is just for a few days.

The stolen products don’t need to be removed from the crime’s world to represent a theft. The offense is full, even though the property is rapidly abandoned once the supposed prison has had ownership of the house.

Frequent federal charges include attempted robbery of finance institutions including credit unions banks, and savings and loans or the theft. Bank robbery situations could illustrate how prosecutors can add to robbery costs by using situations such as kidnapping, or guns.

Robbery and Abuse

National statutes state that anyone who employs pressure, violence, or intimidation to consider profit the treatment of the financial institution might be sentenced as much as 20 years in prison. In the same robbery, the utilization of a lethal system jeopardizes their life, or in case a person is infected, the punishment increases to 25 years.

Kidnapping Throughout a Theft

Kidnapping costs could be integrated if hostages are taken up to aid the theft or assist in escape following the offense. You were regarded forced to accompany somebody against their will within a try or kidnapped during a robbery if he or she is confined to avoid charge for bank robbery’s percentage.

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